The Sleepover

A comforting overnight visit.

Meica is AngelChild's inspiration. Yvonne is my sister.

Yvonne, who is Meica's Godmother and one of the few who made an attempt to learn Meica's complicated method of communication, was Meica's favorite Aunty.

Noone would sleep in Meica's room after her death. Yvonne was the only one to happily say she would sleep there. I offered to remove Meica's cremation urn from the room, but Yvonne declined, laughingly saying they would have a sleepover. They did......

This is as Yvonne wrote it; unchanged from the original impression. It was originally written to Meica.

On July 24, 1998, 1 year and 4 days after you left us, Jenelle, Angelise and I came to visit Logan and your Mom and Dad. I was honoured with your presence as I lay in your room, in your bed. It was a special moment, one that I wish to record so that it remains clear in my memory

Prior to all of us going to bed, your Mom and I discussed where I would sleep. Jenelle and Angelise were in Logan's room, Logan was in the family room downstairs and your Mom and Dad were in their own room. It was decided that I would sleep in your room. I think that your Mom was a little unsure as to how comfortable I was with this idea, but I assured her that I wanted to be with you. .........a "sleep over" I said........ and that is what we had!

Immediately after I got comfortable in your covers and closed my eyes, I saw an image of myself with a light around me. I was smaller then my original size, lying on my side. It looked like a picture of me lying in front of a black sheet, suspended in air. I was not lying on anything. The light that surrounded me illuminated and followed the edges of my body. A feeling of absolute delight accompanied the picture. I opened one eye to see what light was in the room and could be causing this unusual amount of illumination. I wanted to check it out and yet I wanted it to remain. The room only had a small stream of light coming in from the street lights and I knew then that this could not be responsible for what I was seeing. I quickly closed my eyes as I didn't want you to go away. I continued to have a feeling of happiness, warmth and contentedness. I fell asleep with the image but awoke twice in the night to see that you were still with me, the same image remained. In the morning when I awoke, I kept my eyes closed for a while longer. You were still there, not as bright, but you were still there. I woke up feeling comforted and warm. I can't explain it, but I think I understand it. You and I Meica, we had a sleep over! Thank you and come again. I will love you forever.

Aunt Yvonne - "Aunty"

This was Meica's first visit. Here's another Meica Angel Story. There are others, however, people are still waiting to tell their stories when the time is right.



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