Justin Alan Wells

Justin Alan Wells

July 12, 1987 -
February 20, 2000
12 years
Hot Springs, Arkansas


Active Memoriams:
Lake Side Middle School
(Justin's School)
Year 2000 Annual

Grandmother's e-mail:

Justin Alan Wells

Justin Alan Wells was a gift, a special child, and we, his grandparents, knew it right from the start. There never was enough of him to go around to all the people who loved him so much! From 6 weeks of age, his Paw Paw (Grandfather) and I, his Grandmother, began to spend weekends with him. This was a gift from his parents, our son and his wife, that Justin would come and spend the weekends with us at our home. We enjoyed his company and particularly remember his time with us at the lake and his first co-ed party this past New Year's Eve. He still climbed up in the recliner with his Paw Paw up till the day he went into hospital. He was always a joy and delight for us. He impacted our lives in a way that we never could have expected.

Justin influenced many around him, but none as much as his Grandfather. They had a very special relationship, the two of them. It was love at first sight for his grandfather. His Paw Paw drank heavily until Justin's birth, but he stopped just for Justin and has never relapsed. He turned his life over to God when Justin left us because he wants to make sure he will see him again. His Paw Paw feels Justin's loss greatly, but draws strength from God. This is one of Justin's greatest legacies.

Justin was very kind person. When Justin was 10, his Great-Grandpa offered to take him and his friends to a restaurant. Upon seeing that the bill for dinner was almost $100.00, Justin quietly offered to pay for part of the meal. He was offering to give back the $20.00 his Great-Grandpa had just given him to spend at the mall.

Justin had wonderful parents. Justin's Dad was always his hero. With his father's guidance, Justin freely expressed himself and persevered - never quitting what he had begun. Justin was their blessing; he was loved unconditionally. Justin had a new baby sister, Taylor, of whom he was so protective and so proud. He loved his little sister greatly.

Justin was in Grade 7 when he left us. Although a shy child, Justin had made many friends at his school. The children at Justin's school had a hard time accepting the loss of Justin, and a special memorial service was held for his schoolmates. Over 200 friends, classmates and staff members attended a special memorial service. Classmates read poems and shared stories about his humour and antics at school. This tribute to Justin spoke particularly of what a sweet, good person and friend he was and how he helped others by lifting their spirits when they were down. His teachers and principal paid tribute to his good standing as a student. Justin certainly had an impact on those around him.

Justin was an also an avid and accomplished sportsman. He had a first degree Black belt in American Kickboxing, and was ranked Number one in 1997 Texas Contender and 1998 Oklahoma Contender. He held the 1998 U.S. Kickboxing Title, was Hot Springs Kickboxing champion runner up and ranked for an amateur world Title shot in 2000. He was also a member of the bowling team as well as the basketball, baseball, and football team during his fifth and sixth grade years at school.

One of his favorite songs was "Don't Laugh At Me" and he wept every time he heard it. It disturbed him to hear others make fun of others. he was also very protective of his family. So concerned was he of Tornados, Earth Quakes and other natural disasters that his goal was to find a place for them to live where there was none of those. He has now found that place in Heaven.

We keep his memory alive in our hearts and know he is still with us !

Justin's Granny



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