Marissa Caitlin Bassett

Marissa Caitlin Bassett

June 19, 1988 -
September 3, 2003
15 years
South Lake Tahoe, California

Killed by a drunk driver on her way to her first day of high school crossing the crosswalk on her skateboard.

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Marissa Caitlin Bassett

Heather sent this to AngelChild Legacies the night that her sister, Marissa died. She is an extremely strong and brave young person.

Marissa Caitlin Bassett was my sister who was killed by a drunk driver at the age of fifteen. She was my only sister; one who I loved very much and had so much in common with. Hearing she was in critical condition and there was not much hope for her survival made me realize how much I truly cared about her. My parents decided to donate her organs to save another, however sadly, there were no recipients at that time. We said a prayer hoping that she would be taken into the hands of God and taken to a life of dreams in heaven.

Marissa was a great girl, full of imagination and spirit. We have had many fun times but also experienced some bad times as well; that is all a part of life. I loved to be around her because she was always so happy and full of energy. She was seen as a shy girl to many, but I saw beyond that and saw her for who she was, a bright, happy, little girl. Marissa loved to write stories and poems. She was a good girl, she never got into any trouble and never chose to. She had strong morals against doing anything that was not right in the way of the Lord.

Marissa loved to be outside and ride on her skateboard even though people say that it is a mans sport. She loved being with her friends as well, which she had many of. She was a people pleaser; she always knew how to make someone happy. She had her own style and personality.

We will always miss her and we know that things will be different without her but that wont change of how we remember her. She will live on in our hearts forever, and will be here in spirit even though she may not be here in her body. She will be in Heaven with God, living her life of dreams that she never got to have and watching us as she lives up there. She will protect us from evil and have her guardian angels watch over us. She will always be there even if we cant see her, we will be able to feel her presence. She is a great soul that will live on forever in great remembrance.

Just know how precious life can be and live life to the fullest. Donít give up on it. Strive to be the best, do things that you would like to do and tell people what you feel and how much you love them because you never know when your or a loved one's life may end.

And please, please, please donít ever let anyone drink and drive for they could cause a horrible accident like this. We do not need any more of these. Live life to the fullest and remember this story of Marissa when you feel there is something you would like to tell someone. Always tell them what you are feeling; you never know if they may die one day and you will regret for the rest of your life that you did not tell them. Please take my story to heart and remember that life is precious, please do not waste it. Thank you.

Heather Lauren Bassett



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