Christopher Chisholm

November 04, 1972 -
December 01, 1972
Geraldton, Ontario


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Christopher Chisholm

My son Christopher was born in Geraldton, Ontario on November 04, 1972. He was my fourth son and while I didn't know it of course I would have him almost 4 weeks. On December 01, 1972 I lost my son to SIDS.

Over the years that followed I dealt with all the steps of grieving that any parent does who looses a child. They were tough times but I got through them. In time Christopher became a very precious memory that I continued to hold dear to my heart.

Having 3 other sons and later another son made this Mom a very busy person. In time the kids grew up and there were new careers started and built, weddings and even grandkids! The time seemed to have stood still and flew at the same time.

But, as busy as those years were I never stopped reading any items I came across in regard to SIDS. About 3 years ago now, after the birth of my youngest Granddaughter, I began to research SIDS in earnest and I was saddened to see that not a lot of progress had been made. That all too many babies were being lost and parents were still hearing those very frustrating words ... 'we don't know why your seemingly healthy baby died'.

It wasn't too long after that I was no longer able to work as the result of a back injury and found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I also began to look for others who had experienced the same loss as I had. One group was called SIDS Families and I joined that group. Well, never in my imagination would I believe that a year plus later I would still be there and looked up to by many of the Mom's there. Being older, having gotten past the earlier stages of grief, and yet not ever having forgotten what it was like, has made me a strong support for others. Personally I don't see myself as such, I'm actually repeating what the Mom's there have said many times.

I later joined another group AIM (Angels in the Media) and collectively we write letters to various media correcting them when they print or speak incorrect information, encouraging them to highlight SIDS awareness. As well, on my own (as many other SIDS parents do) I have written countless emails and letters to every level of Government to bring about more awareness about SIDS as well to promote further research. This fall in my 'home town' my son who is the Mayor of that town will Proclaim October 15, 2005 as SIDS Awareness Day. What an honour that will be!

All those years later, I didn't realize that the experiences I suffered through with the loss of my son would someday benefit others. Without the short life of my son I know that I wouldn't be the person that I am today of course, but also that I would never be able to be the support to others that I have been. I am very proud to have been Mommy to an Angel!!



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