Faith Elizabeth

Faith Elizabeth
August 15, 1997-
August 20, 1997
Age 5 days old
Omaha, NE USA
Complex Congenital Heart Disease

Active Memoriams:
Fremont Area SHARE group
(" Pregnancy and infant loss support group" )

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Faith Elizabeth Moore-Hilgenkamp

Faith was a legacy in the making. She was conceived on our 4 year wedding anniversary. I knew right away I was pregnant, but was surprised to hear (four months later) that she had heart problems. We never gave up on her and she never let us down.

During my pregnancy, each trip to the doctors showed her doing just fine--not in heart failure as they expected. One of her heart defects healed itself due to the enormous amount of prayers that were said for her. Her prayer chain stretched across the United States, into England, Italy and France. (Without the help of the Internet)!!

Her birth was her moment of glory. She wasn't expected to be born alive, but she was born alive kicking and crying! She looked like any other baby! She lived for five days! I can't even begin to tell you what a fighter she was! Eventually, though, her heart just couldn't take anymore and she was called back home. She died in her daddy 's arms, dressed all pretty by her grandma.

Since her death, my life has changed so much. I used to be quiet and shy, but as I healed, I began to reach out to other bereaved mothers. I've made some wonderful friends because of her. Furthermore, I noticed that there seemed to be quite a bit of infant deaths in our area, but no support for these parents. So, I went before the hospital board and asked them if they would support a local chapter of the National pregnancy and infant loss support group "SHARE". They whole-heartedly accepted the proposal and I am now co-facilitator of the Fremont Area SHARE group. Every month we have new members. Because of Faith, these people are getting the support they need. My family and I have also participated in events to raise funds for the American Heart Association.

When Faith died, my son was almost 4. His 4th birthday was the day after her funeral. He is now six and has a heart of gold. We have since go on to have another baby, Winter Joy. She is now 1 year old. Because of Faith's life and death, we realize how fragile life is and we treasure our children all the more. Tommy is the best big brother! Faith's spirit continues to live on. She does everything possible to let us know she lives on in a better place. We will never forget her. She will always be a part of our family.

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