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Tyler Wells
April 15, 2006
Being only 14 years old, I couldn't imagine leaving the earth at 12. Your love that is expressed in your web site for Justin shows that there are loved one's that miss him and I'm sure he is watching over from heaven. God Bless you both, and God Bless Justin.

michelle philliips
March 05, 2006
It has been awhile since i have left a message on this sight,but i still find myself comming back to this site when feeling the need to connect with someone.It is going on three years since i lost my son(Dwayne) in a motorcycle accidient,he was only 18yrs old when he left this world.I truely beleive apart of me has died too the day he died,things are never going to be the same for me and i hate it...some days i'm so angry and other days i'm in denial,feelings of loneliness come strong some days as well.I miss him so much and there is nothing i can do about it.all i can do is go on with my life and hope and pray that he is in a good safe place. To all parent out tthere that have lost a loved one my heart and payers go out to you,may well all find peace one day...michelle

Tina Farley
February 22, 2006
My son's 21st birthday is February 27th and I'm finding it hard to deal with. It will be 3 years April 10 2006 since my son took his own life and my life too. When he died I died inside and my life has been a living hell. I'm going through a divorce after 25 years of marriage. That night changed our lifes forever and ever because we are no longer a family with out our Jimmy Glenn. Jimmys mom Tina

Nancy McCarty
February 13, 2006
I think all of the stories of your loss are done in a compelling,tragic,but loving way. You sound like a family. Your voices rise and fall with the same cadences. It feels comfortable to be in the presence of your weary and worn,broken hearts. Because of your gentle ,familiar sadness I recognize you as "my people". I can tell you that my 25 year old son died June 7,2005 and know beyond a doubt that you understand. The investigation remains in mystery.

Justin Michael Wells
February 12, 2006
The story of Justin Alan Wells has inspired me.

February 04, 2006
This site is awesome!I just saw a site which i wanted to disable.But your site is really nice.

February 02, 2006
I lost my daughter June 3,2005 she was 15 months old Not a day goes by that I don't think of her I miss her very much,it's so hard but I'm trying to hang in there.She died from a rare malformation called a vein of galen malfomaton which the doctor's tried to correct but were unsuccessful she hemmoraged thoughout her whole brain and there was not a thing that could be done.I know she's up in heaven watching over us I love you baby girl Haley Jade "my little guardian angel"..........Via

January 28, 2006
I have never lost a child but I lost my best friend on May 23, 2003. My best friend was Jessica Williams who was beaten and stabbed under the steel bridge in Portland Oregon. I know what its like to lose someone that you love more than anything. Jess called me her sister. We were inseperable. But I know that Jess is always looking down on me! When I feel the warm sun on my skin I know that Jess is smiling down on me, when the wind is blowing, whatever it may be. I know that she may be gone but she will never be forgotten. And I also know that she wouldnt want me to let it stop me and hold me back! I love you Jess!

Bec Wilson
January 14, 2006
Hi Everyone. I just want to say that this is an absolutely beautiful site and that so of you many have you have endured so much to get where you are today. Keep Going. I myself, have also lost a child. Lily Shenae was born premature at 21 weeks due to an incompetent Cervix. Unfortunately the Medical Professionals were not legally allowed to even try to save Lily, even though she defied their odds of being born alive and breathed on her own for the next four hours. She was an inspirational to myself and my entire family and showed us that there is hope out there. She was a little fighter and is continuing everyday to show me a new way to get through this tragic time. It has been 8 months since Lily passed and I still feel her with me every day. I hope you all find the peace and solace you require to move forward

Hollie Lindroth
January 13, 2006
This is an absoloutly gorgeous website and I know how hard it is to loose a beautiful child All my love and hopeHollie

April Braykovich
January 03, 2006
Hello to all of us lonely hearts... those of us who have had to say 'see ya later' to our beautiful children. My Son, Ryan was 4 when he went to be with God on 8/13/00. I, like all of you, miss him so very much. It doesn't seem possible that time continues to move us forward and yet that's just what it does. We are left here for a reason... I'm not yet sure what that is, but I know that God would not have given us the gift of our childern, taken them home and not grant the promise that we will see them again. My Ryan is/was a gift and though I miss him daily, I am comforted by the fact that I will see him again. We all need to keep putting one foot in front of the other just like we would want our children to do if the tables were turned. Take care of yourselves.http://homestead.com/theryanweekly/ryan.htmlAngel Ryan's Mommy

michelle phillips
December 27, 2005
Well i made it through another holliday without my angel Dwayne.Time has stood still in my greiving process,time does heal they say but when hollidays come i find it so hard,my angels birthday is comming up on dec 30th.Dwayne would of been 21 yrs old this year,i can't help but wonder who and where he would be in his life if he was still here.As a mother i feel so empty,my oldest and only boy gone..gone from my life forever,oh how i wished he was still with me,my life has forever changed.Everything has changed and i have no choice but to go forward,the healing journey has been long and painful,sometimes i wonder where i get the strength to go on but i have...to every parent out there,my heart goes out to you,our children should never have to go before us,but sometimes they do and we have to learn how to live without them snd to stay focussed on our other children who are still with us,they need us too....i miss you my son,not a day goes by that i do not think of you,your smile and laughter will always be a wonderful memory to me...god bless you....mom xox...

Kathi Bower
December 20, 2005
Remembers Jane Harrison everyday,she was taken from this world April 24 1981 Please if anyone know her mom or dad John or Shirley Harrison I would love to talk to them. I miss you both,I miss all those times I spent with Jane growing up you have no idea what your family ment to me I want to tell you now Please call looking for you for 24 years love Kathi Bower thank-you anyone.

December 09, 2005
hi my name is trenia and i have a baby and she is a 1week old and iknow iam 13 teen and that she is a preemie that is why she needs me to take caerke of her and her dad dont wat her and i do and i need haelp for me and my baby and my mom knos that i have a baby and iam keeping her i love her a lot and i wat her and iam keeping her and thake you

November 29, 2005
i love you

November 29, 2005

lolson15@tam pabay.rr.com
November 24, 2005
I need help for my friend, Kim. She lost her terminally ill son 3 weeks before his 6th birthday. He wieghed a small 19 pounds at his death. Can you help me help her?????Thanks you.

November 14, 2005
I just wanted to say how very sorry i am for your loss of your precious son Jacob. No amount of words can ever truely sum up the pain and hurt parents feel when they lose the most important person in their lives, their child. I have some understanding of the pain and suffering you have endured as i lost my little girl Madison in February 2005.My thoughts are with you and my heart goes out to you and your family. Your memorial to Jacob is a wonderful tribute to him.Take CareNatalie xxxwww.madison-perry.memory-of.com

Rhonda Chambers
November 09, 2005
I know my story is no greater then anyone elses, it just equals everyone elses pain.My daughter and I was in an auto accident back in 2001, I survived, she did not.The hospital separated us. The local hosp. sent her on to the major city hosp., and kept me at the local hosp. So for the rest of my life I get to remember the news that was delivered to me via the telephone.

Dawn B
November 09, 2005
I just wanted to say we all are feeling a pain that nobody should ever know .My 13 yr old son died after getting a Staph infection that took over his body very fast but he was a fighter he kept fighting on life support for 15 days.I miss him so very much .He died 10-5-03

November 03, 2005

October 21, 2005
just happened upon this site! god bless each & everyone of ya'll special. i lost a son to cancer sept 27,2004. my darlin ricky was 43, a piece of me died with him. i have been hurt a lot of times in my life & am very lonely at times. i am 66 & still working full time as i can't bear to be home all the time. i have 4 other children, but ricky was special. his main goal in life was to make sure that everyone else was cared for. thank ya'll for listening. evelyn goodman

michelle phillips
October 03, 2005
Hi there everyone...my name is michelle Phillips.Mother to Dwayne Desjarlais.looking for other parents to communicate with who lost a child.My email has changed so i thought i should put another message on this websight.On Aug 17th/2005 was two years.Time has stood still since that day my angel was called home.Dwayne would of been 20 this year.I miss him so much,and some days i wonder where i get the strength to carry on,but i do.I know as a mother i will never get over his death,but i do have to learn how to live with him being gone.I hate it,i hate the fact that he was taken so young and i hate having all these emotions at times,i can't help but wonder where and what he would be doing if he was still with me.So much has happened since his death and so many things were left unsaid and undone.I feel robbed.As a parent you want to always be there to protect your child, i feel like i have failed this test.Is there anyone out their that feels the same?is that a normal feeling or am i just going crazy??Any correspondence would be helpful..To all parents out there who has lost a child my prayers and thoughts are with you..Sincerly,michelle Phillips

lynne sheaffer
September 30, 2005
iam a mother who lost my only child to a drowning accident, my sister was babysitting, what a mess this is in my life

September 25, 2005
i feel the same way i'm glad there is this web site to inform other people that these things really can happen

September 15, 2005
I have sat here today n read every comment in this beautiful tribute book. I will admit that it has reduced me to tears many times ... but the "bravery" of every single parent, sibling, friend and family has touched my heart deeply. I am fortunate that I have 6 beautiful n much loved children, although I too have angels in heaven. all thro miscarriage before 12 weeks gestation ... but each one loved n missed in my heart.May all the familes on here find some peace in this wonderful supportive site :-) With kindest love Dante

Liv, Imy and Karina
July 27, 2005
alexis was a beautifl stillborn who left this world for a reason no one knows why god bless you alexis luv from Liv, Imy And Karina x0x0x0x0x0

Neidi Trevino
July 21, 2005
may the lord give you the strength that you need and bless you always jesus loves you and so do i

Yolanda Rogers
July 19, 2005
Holding you close in my heart and prayers as Meica's Homegoing anniversary approaches. May you continue to know our Lord's comfort and peace in a very special way. In His Love, http://www.galatians5.com

Dolores Felix
July 02, 2005
Hi Frannie! Mindi was such an inspiration to all who knew her. WOW - that says an awful lot about her parents! Just think, Jeff & Mindi know each other. What a tribute to a truly remarkable young woman. Thanks, Love, Dolores, Jeff's Mom 4ever

patricia hindle
July 02, 2005
My son Justin passed away on july 13,1992 he was born on July 2,1992. i need a angel to help me , justin would be a teenager today, july 2,2005, i have a l5l/2 year old son. i lost my dad, on january 31,2002 i need some help thank you

Ashley Klein
June 23, 2005
I am 19 yrs old and I was a good friend of Michelle's son Dwayne. I miss him so much and its awesome to see you have each other to support each other and understand each other. You guys are so strong to be able to reach out to other people about your greatest loss in your whole life. I know I cry alot over Dwayne still and its almost been 2yrs but, I promised myself I would never forget him. I'm so sorry for all your tragic and sad loses and I hope the best for you all in the future. RIP DWAYNE WE LOVE AND MISS YOU FOREVER YOUR BIG HEART AND AWESOME SMILE WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED! xoxoxoxo

Mona (Danny's mom)
May 18, 2005
Thank you so much to Michele and lyn, I appreciate you writing a note to me. I apologize that I have not been back to read your reply until now. It's just been a very hard time for me. Mother's Day weekend was the worst since it was Danny's first birthday away from me, it was the day before (7th). I could not think straight all week and the week after. I am just now starting to concentrate on things in my life this week. But thank you so much, I am so truly sorry for your loss as well. I know exactly how you feel along with everyone else on this beautiful website. I will continue to visit this website often. Thank you again! Danny...Mommy loves you!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

May 17, 2005
Hi, I want to thank those who have connected with me through email, I know you have helped me alot and I hope I did the same for you. It is now 2 years since I lost my daughter Trish, sometimes reality kicks in and the pain is horrible. I still want to share with other mother's who need someone to talk too because I find venting out your feelings really helps alot. I want to thank you for your website angelchild, this is an great gift to keep your daughter Meica memory alive.

michelle Phillips
May 08, 2005
Another holliday came and went,and i made it through the day.Mother's Day will never be the same without my son (Dwayne).To all parents out there my thoughts and prayer's are with you on this mother's day holliday.Keep your loved one close in your memories,and continue to tell stories.As a parent of a lost child we need to here our childrens name from time to time.Memories are all we have left.....I miss you my son xoxo Until the time comes for me to see you may you rest in peace and may you watch over all of us here on earth.I LOVE AND MISS YOU....MOM

April 26, 2005

April 26, 2005

michelle phillips
April 09, 2005
A note to mona(Danny's mom).I truely feel your pain,my heart goes out to you and my prayers too.I lost my son too(dwayne).I lost my angel on aug 17/2003 due to a motorcycle accidient,he was only 18yrs. old when i lost him.It will be two years since that tragic day,not a day goes by that i do not think of him.Everyone is continuing on in their lives and here i'am still feeling stuck in my sorrow.God i miss him so much...so many things were left unsaid and undone.I feel robbed .....sometimes i wonder if i'am being punished. No parent should ever have to go through such heartache,our children are not meant to leave this world before us,it's so unnatural.Anyway....i guess what i'm trying to say to all parents out their is that i know exactly how you are all feeling,you are not alone in this journey...keep talking and remembering your loved one. Michelle phillips.....I miss you my sonny boy LOVE MOM xoxoxoxo

michelle phillips
April 09, 2005
A note to mona(Danny's mom).I truely feel your pain,my heart goes out to you and my prayers too.I lost my son too(dwayne).I lost my angel on aug 17/2003 due to a motorcycle accidient,he was only 18yrs. old when i lost him.It will be two years since that tragic day,not a day goes by that i do not think of him.Everyone is continuing on in their lives and here i'am still feeling stuck in my sorrow.God i miss him so much...so many things were left unsaid and undone.I feel robbed .....sometimes i wonder if i'am being punished. No parent should ever have to go through such heartache,our children are not meant to leave this world before us,it's so unnatural.Anyway....i guess what i'm trying to say to all parents out their is that i know exactly how you are all feeling,you are not alone in this journey...keep talking and remembering your loved one. Michelle phillips.....I miss you my sonny boy LOVE MOM xoxoxoxo

April 07, 2005
I need help with my Friend Alexis

Kenzie East
45 Address, Rome in Italy
April 07, 2005
When Kenzie was 8 years old, she told her friends stories in Ireland about the people in her country.

Kenzie East
45 Address, Rome in Italy
April 07, 2005
When Kenzie was 8 years old, she told her friends stories in Ireland about the people in her country.

Mrs. Bernetta Mathis
April 06, 2005
Although I have never lost a child I sympathize deeply with the parents and loved ones who have. Last Tuesday my two year old had a grand mal seizure for the first time and I was completely lost. I thought for sure she was leaving us. The whole event has changed my life forever. While she was jerking in my arms I thought Oh God...please. I will never ever forget that day. And although she is fine and well today I don't want my life to get "so busy" that I forget what is truly precious in life. That is why I visit this site.

Luana Newman
March 29, 2005
I enjoyed the stories very much, I too, have been blessed with my own angel experiences. There is nothing greater than God's love!

March 25, 2005
a little note to dannys mom....hi my name is lyn i know how you are feeling i lost my son clayton aged 15 on 23 may 2004 to a car crash every day all day i think of my son and just cant understand why?i understand your pain and i hope that our babys are safe and that they know we love them .....i love you clayton then..now..and forever xxxx

Mona, Danny's Mom
March 09, 2005
It has been 7 months since my Danny did not come home. I still wait for him, hoping that he will return. I miss him so very much and think about him all the time. He was only 19. He will be 20 on 7 May. He left me on 10 Aug 04 due to a car accident. I wish I knew why he had to leave me. All I can say is that everyday is a new challenge to over come. Maybe one day I will accept that he will not come home, but until then I will wait. Love you Danny....FOREVER! Your Mom XO

Darcy Hughes
March 02, 2005
Noah Kai Hughes died March 29,2002 from complications during his second open heart surgery. He was 16 months old. Now I am the mother of an Angel. That's what I tell people who ask me if I have any children. I don't know what else to tell them, I can't tell them I don't have any children. That somehow seems an injustice to his beautiful short life. I am so grateful he survived that first surgery, because I have been told he medically shouldn't have. My Miracle. My Blessing. My little Noah. He blessed me with 16 months of his life. I want to spend the rest of mine finding ways to honor that and what I learned from him. I am a survivor. I have survived the worst thing that could happen to a person. And I am not the only one. I am one of many strong women. I am one of the Many Mothers of Angels. I know that Noah is with me always. And one day I will get to hold him and watch all the cool stuff he can do in heaven. We will finally get to laugh and run and play together again. Until then, I want to open myself up to others by telling Noah's story. It has been almost 3 years now and I still struggle daily with my grief. But I am learning how to live with the sadness. Sometimes when I start to get sad, I remember how broken his heart was and how merciful his death was. Even as sad as that is, Sometimes that is the only thing that gets me through the day and brings me any peace. I remember that it took me at least a year to get up off the ground. And the following year I speant trying to figure out who I am now that I am not Noah's Mom. This last year I have spent learning how to live again. I am still learning everyday. Hopefully I can give someone something to help them with their struggle; weather it be a caring for a sick child, or grieving the death of one. Someone does truly understand the fear and pain. I know this now. Thank you for reading and sharing in our life.....and God bless you. Noah's Mom, Darcy

Colorado Lady
February 23, 2005
Thank you for a wonderful site. I invite you to visit me at: http://www.geocities.com/godsgarden_1999

Katie Bonzer
February 09, 2005
Thanks so much for sharing these sorries! I had a good cry, but it is always nice to know that you are not alone:)

angel kelly rae
February 07, 2005
hello people,i'm 12 years old,i pray 4 all of those kids who died everynite,im a kid and a angel,lol,my mom died when i was 4,but i'm still a kid,email me,thank you!

greg klocke
January 28, 2005
I have noticed that most posts have been from mothers but let me assure you dads hurt too.My son Brian was killed on his motorcycle sept.30 2004.My life is a shambles I think about him constantly I can't work worth a damn.The only time I smile is when his 5 year old daughter comes over.I don't know if I'll ever get any peace in my life.He was my best friend.

January 23, 2005
Thanks for the site, it helped me to connect to other parents who lost a child, we helped each other. I lost my daughter Trisha on May 11/03 age 16. This will be my second Christmas without her. I am grateful that I have my other two younger children who give me a reason to go on. I just wanted to say to all parents out there, that on Christmas Day my thoughts and prayers will go out to you. Remember that God and our other lost family are taking good care of our lost children until we all can met with them agian. God Bless.

Yolanda Rogers
July 19, 2004
I did try to append Meica's guestbook with the following but apparently was not successful. I wanted to make sure you knew that although I never met Meica personally, I have met her through your heart and remember your pain. It doesn't matter how long they were with us and it doesn't matter how long they've been gone, we will carry our grief forever and on these days, their days, the pain will always be deeper, keener, lonelier. Praise God who has touched our sorrow with hope! As another anniversary of Meica's Homegoing approaches, may this hope burn in your heart and brighten your soul. In His Love, Yolanda Rogers, Mom to Anna http://www.galatians5.com

Teresa Berry
May 10, 2004
Loved your site. We lost our 2 and a half year old 2 years ago and it has really been hard. Your site has helped a little. Thanks

michelle phillips
May 09, 2004
Thank you so much for this websight... Today was my first mothers day holliday without my son (Dwayne) I felt so many emotions today as i went about my day,i felt lonesome for my son but at the same time i felt greatfull for the simple fact that i still have my two beautiful daughters (Gabrielle & Sarah) and of course my hubby and extended family. To all mothers that have lost a child,my prayers are with you all on this holliday...let it be a comfort to all that we will all join our loved ones one more time when our journey here on earth is done.Until our next journey in the spirit world begins may you all find comfort in knowing that our loved ones will be there to meet us one more time...... R.I.P. Dwayne...we all love you and you will be forever in our thoughts and prayers Mom xoxoxoxox

May 07, 2004
I really felt better after reading the stories that were on your website having lost my grandson recently. thank you for such a lovely website.

Bob Lawrence
April 06, 2004
I lost my son Tommy when he was 5 years old, from viral incefilytis (sp) 8 years ago. I keep finding myself checking out web sites such as this, and it makes me cry, but also gives me some deal of comfort knowing that there are people who know EXACTLY whawe are going through. Thank you for this and I hope to get Tommy's story and picture to you soon. Thanks you Bob Minnesota

michelle phillips
April 05, 2004
My heart goes out to all of you who has lost a child.It will be eight months on april 17th since my son passed away.Time stood still since that awfull day i got the news.The pain is just so real now,and some days i don't know if i can go on in life without my son here,i'm so glad i found this websight.Connecting to other mothers who are going through the same feelings of loosing a child has helped me through the ruff days.....until we meet again my son...i love you and miss you daily,death doesn't seem so scary anymore cause i know we will meet again when my time here on earth is done.... R.I.P. Dwayne & Eddy Mom xoxox

April 03, 2004
Our daughter, Kristen died from staph-aurius pneumonia on Dec. 15th. She was 12 years old and leaves behind a Mom and Dad and two brothers who miss her terribly!

jasmine conley
March 25, 2004
I know how u feel I lost my aunt in an heart a attack and I cried 4 a week I didn't eat or sleep!!!!!!!!!!!

Mindy Stogner
March 23, 2004
I lost my little girl at 2 1/2 months old of renal failure. My prayers are with everyone of you cause I know how the heartache feels. I am only 24 and felt like my world had fallen in around me. But it is websites that help me cope.

Philip and Veronica Buzzanca
March 13, 2004
The Hurting Never stops...Your site eases the pain

March 12, 2004
I have a seven month old daughter and when I read about these things I feel so fortunate. Every child deserves a chance to live and be loved. I am reminded that the world is a better place when I read about families that are supportive of their children. God Bless you all.

Cyndi Bradley
March 12, 2004
I lost my 3 1/2 year old daughter Kapri Feburary 27, 2003 from RSV and Heart Failure. Kapri was such a vibrant little girl. She will be forever three. Please know you and all the other parents who sign this will/are in our hearts and prayers. We know your emptiness. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Cyndi Bradley
March 12, 2004
I lost my 3 1/2 year old daughter Kapri Feburary 27, 2003 from RSV and Heart Failure. Kapri was such a vibrant little girl. She will be forever three. Please know you and all the other parents who sign this will/are in our hearts and prayers. We know your emptiness. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Sherry Blevins
March 07, 2004
losing my son nearly 2 years ago has bee one of the hardest things that i have ever had to do in my life; at times the pain is unbearable; knowing he's in heaven watching over us gives me some comfort.

Courtney Dolha
March 06, 2004
My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a child. Loosing a child is like living with a disability. Something you will have to cope with everyday trying to do your best to keep your head up and stay stong. My support goes out to all of you. R.I.P Dwayne, I miss you buddy :)

March 02, 2004
My 20 month old son passed away on December 22, 2003. He was our only child and I miss him everyday.. There is not a day that goes by that I do'nt think of him... We still don't know what happened. Thanks,Meredith

Patsy Calliou
March 01, 2004
Hi! Wanted to find parents that have lost a child too. I lost my daughter on May 11/03 due to a car accident, she was 16 yrs old. I have two younger children (Boy 15 & girl 13). It is hard at times, but I enjoy sharing and talking with others, as it helps me to heal. Hope I can connect with someone who can help me and I can help them. Thanks.

February 29, 2004
This is a very nice sight. For people that know the worst pain that there is to ever know. Losing a child. I lost mine he was only 19 years young.

Michael & Kylie Mones
February 29, 2004
With only one week to go and our little baby girl Alexis would have been in our arms and part of our family forever. Unfortunately an Angel was needed some place else. Alexis was delivered Stillborn on 12th February 2004. She is part of our family and always will be, every day she is with us and in our hearts. Our families have given us the support that we needed and with space for us to deal with the change in our life.

michelle phillips
February 29, 2004
I would like to send my sympathy to my sister and brother In-law who just had a loss with twins,she was in her fifth month of gestation when the loss happened.Febuary 19th/2004 was when we all had to say hello and good bye on the same day.This loss was very hard on all of the extended family and friends.My sister and i both share losses as i lost my son as well last year in aug,2003..now we are both on the road to healing together.Nothing can prepare a mother for such a tragic loss..and only a parent can understand the gravity of loosing your very own child ...seeing my sister go through this was very hard to watch.One of the twins were named after my deceased son Dwayne and the other little guy was named albert after another family member.My heart goes out to you patty and mel,and of course jaden and caitlynn...i love you all and i will always be there for you anytime of the day or night if you need to talk or just a shoulder to lean on.............. Love....michelle phillips & family

Bridget Hannan
February 27, 2004
I'm from Canton,Ny and my baby girl Skylar was born June.11,2003 and went to heaven November 6,2003. i miss her so much she passed away laying next to me in the night. I guess i kind of blame myself for not being up and trying to do something to help her. I just want her back and i know that is impossible.

patricia taypotat
February 23, 2004
I had a loss on feb.19/04.my twin boys,Albert and Duane.born just under 5months of pregnancy.i gave natural birth to them to have a precious few hours to love them and die in mine and my husband (Mel)arms. I also had a misscarrage at three months, last year,on the first day of spring march 21st that still hurts. unlike my first loss, I'm able to have a proper ceremony for my twins. My heart goes out to all the mothers that had a loss.my prayers are with all for broken hearts to mend.

February 22, 2004

Sara Calnek
February 17, 2004
I found your website by doing a search on my last name, as I know it is not very common. I am very sorry for your loss. I too have lost a baby. You are so very brave. I wish you and your family all the best. You will remain strong with his memory. All the best from the Calnek's in Canada

karen miller
February 12, 2004

February 01, 2004
i love angelchild. My grampa passed away in may,2003. i only got to see him for a week. i never saw him, except for that week.he had a tumor in his troat,kinda cancer.

rebecca osborne
January 26, 2004
i love this site. i really think it could help people with their lost.i lost my 3 year old son last january 20, 2003 his name is ernest james osborne III HE PASSED AWAY and i didn't know what was worng with him at the time . i thought he just had a cold . but after we found out he had something called stripacocous group g in his blood and that's what took his life. we got up that morring and we didn't here him playing in his room like he usely dose so my husband went in to check on him and it was to late. a friend of our's tried to do cpr on him but it didn't bring him back. that was the most heart braking day of my life. all i know is we laid him down to sleep and kissed him good nite and that was the last time we seen him alive. so i really do know how most of these people feel i lost my son to.but he will always be our little angel. he has two baby brother's they are 1 and 3 now and that's what keep me going one day at a time. becky feel free to e mail me if you ever need a friend .

January 23, 2004
My only sibling died four months ago of a drug overdose. He was 31. He was all I had and I am lost without him. There are no support groups and would like to talk to someone who knows how I feel.

rebecca osborne
January 22, 2004
i really like this site . iam a mother and i lost my 3 year old son last year . and i don't have anyone to talk to. so i know how they all feel.

lisa davidson
January 14, 2004
I lost my baby Mya on 260703 she died in a terrible accident aged 22 mths,my heart is broken.Mya was my core how can we accept our children are gone?I have 2 other girls aged 7 & 10 i feel thier mummy has died too.It is so hard to find any strength,when inside is so empty! Mya Rose Davidson.xx

lisa davidson
January 14, 2004
I lost my baby Mya on 260703 she died in a terrible accident aged 22 mths,my heart is broken.Mya was my core how can we accept our children are gone?I have 2 other girls aged 7 & 10 i feel thier mummy has died too.It is so hard to find any strength,wher inside is so empty! Mya Rose Davidson.xx

Karen Fabro
January 03, 2004
I just want to Thank You for the site,as well I would like you all to know I`ll be thinking of you .Your angels will be in my heart thoughts and prayers.My daughter Sara died 4day`s after her birth.Aug.3,1990.Sara died of unknown over whellming infection I was not allowed an awtopsie.I don`t know what happened,but I know I Love and miss Sara very,very much .Sara it`s been 13 year`s since your death and it feels like yesterday.Unfortunately you still haven`t come to visit me.Maybe one day my little bright eye`s. Prayer`s to all of you. Love You Sara . Love Mom Also to my other child that I lost and never got to meet your my sweet little one ,but don`t doubt for a moment that your not loved and missed for Mommy Loves You very much my little son or daughter.Good-night my two little angels xxxxxxoooooo Love Mom Thank-You Karen

December 12, 2003

December 11, 2003
Your site is beautiful. Never have I been so moved, so touched. I have tears in my eyes and my heart aches for all of you. Keep up the amazing work xxo

Victoria Dieter
November 30, 2003
I would just like to say that my heart goes out to all you. My heart also goes out to you auntie,uncle, and girls. Dwayne is lucky to have such a wonderful family like you. I love you guys.xoxoxo. Love you Always and forever Dwayne.Love Always your cousin Vicki

Rhonda Desjarlais
November 29, 2003
I always thought that Dwayne had a good teacher to teach him to be the way he was and he wsa a neat kid. I thank the Lord that you have this spirit of thankfullness and I pray that he continues to give you strength and courage. And never forget that it is him and only him that gives us all good things and to him all praise and thanks be given. I love you

michelle phillips
November 26, 2003
I too have an angel child.His name is dwayne desjarlais.My angel was called home on aug.17th/2003.His birthday is comming up on dec.30th....He would of been 19yrs old..I'am so blessed that i had him for as long as i had.He had the kindest heart of anyone i knew and a smile that would light up a room.He had a sence of humor that you would never forget,and the most humble personality.His friends and family were everything to him and would do anything for us out of the goodness of his heart.He truly touched everyones heart in some way who knew him.He will be forever missed....but until we meet again my love,you will be in our prayers.

michelle phillips
November 23, 2003
As i sit hear reading the angle stories my eyes fill with tears,I to lost a child of 18yrs. due to a tragic motorcycle accident in aug.2003.....since the time of his passing I've had a few spiritual visits from him and reading others gives me comfort knowing that i'm not going crazy and that these experiences do happen.All i know is that when i do have these experiences i know it is him telling me in some comforting way that he is always with me,i feel him most when i'm missing him and feeling down. michelle

April Harris
November 22, 2003
Hi, I know that you don't know me. I came across her page Page on the starlight page. She is a beautiful little girl.I seen her page and was touvhed by her story bo hjow strong and detremined she and you all are. Another reason I was touched was I to also have a liile girl who had low toned CP and tha is now a angel as of Aug of this year. Her Cp was severe in witch she had a whole host of other problems some in witch caused her CP and she also had the sensory problems also. . The days are hard without her. ITs my natural insinct to want to take care of her and I long for that still i belive i need tocheck on her to push the wheelchair. But I do know that she is in the arms of Jesus now witch brings me comfort but my arms ache as i know your do to as all the mommies who have lost there babies. Thanks you for her storyand we willeep you and your family in our prayers and God Bless you all. You can see my dear angel at her page at www.caringbridge.org/tn/kaylaWarmlyApril Harris

November 21, 2003
I just would like to say this is a beautiful sitemy pray's are with all of you.See I lost my son Feb.23,01 and I was on the site My Mom is Survivor) and my son was also my computer lost everything I had with the site and my things on my son can someone please tell me if they no how for me to get the site?The lady would email me with information and dates that came up.

November 12, 2003
Your site is very interesting and useful for me! Posters

casey gonzales
November 11, 2003
I lost my daughter a year ago in a terrible car accident and it seems like it was just yesturday.They say the pain will slowly go away as time passes but the pain is still here and so very real.I see all the little kids that would be her age and I think of what they robbed from my daughter for their stupidity.Please I urge everyone on the importance of car seat protection.My baby girl was only 14mnths old when I lost her.

lynne sheaffer
November 06, 2003
i lost my only child to drowning accident she was three and half years old, i was twenty years old, it makes a mother grow up fast, i was a single mom, that was twenty three years ago, now i constantantly dwell on what things would be like today if she was here with me, this is all i think about day and night its eating me alive help

November 02, 2003
This is the second time I have visited yoursite. Each time I find something comfortingto read. It saddens me that there are so manyof us out here. God Bless all of you!

April Braykovich
November 02, 2003
This is a very special site and a comforting way to share our love for our angels. My Ryan lost his battle with cancer on August 13, 2000. My life was forever changed as he was my only child. He taught me so much and I am comforted by the thought that God will bring us together again someday. My heart aches for him daily, but I have found a way to move forward. Not on, but forward. Please visit Ryan's web site at www.homestead.com/theryanweekly/ryan.htmlHugs,Angel Ryan's Mommy

beth rocha
October 29, 2003
Lost both of my kids ages 9 and 11 june 20 2003 just trying to find people that understand

October 25, 2003
I loved the story of your daughter giving you a hug. Whether it was a dream or not I believe it was her because when someone wants to visit you they can contact you in a dream.

Beth Rocha
October 24, 2003
I lost both of my kids ages 9 and 11 on June 20 2003 thank you so much your site really helped

hilary condon
October 08, 2003
delighted to have come across your website. i lost my only daughter of 2 1/2 yrs 28 may 2003 due to an accident, she fell out of a window of a 2 storey house, her grandmother's house, she was minding Emma that day. it's my husband's mother.

October 05, 2003
I am glad T found this site through webhealing and grief.My son Riley passed away 10 months ago. He was four days away from his 3rd birthday. I'm not sure how we are going to get through the month of december but were blessed with the birth of his baby brother on march 9th 2003. Hopefully that will help us for Sam's sake.I love you Chopper and miss you forever and ever. We love you to the moon and back.

September 30, 2003
hay.i am not an angel child but when i was in 6th gread one of my best friends died of cancer.Hes name was Eve.He was a true angel child.When i first moved schools Even was the only person who would talk to me.Over the next three years we becam real close friends.Befor he died i made a proms to him that the hole worl would no his story and i intend on keeping my promas.

Catherine Forsberg
September 29, 2003
This is incredible, Im so very sorry for everyones loss, a child is the ultimite loss. My husband died on xmas eve 2000, its been very hard especially for my 3 kids, 15, 8,and 6 ive been looking for resources for them and came across this. Take Care, Catherine

CrystAL Boyd
September 09, 2003

Yolanda Rogers
August 26, 2003
Dropping by to let you know you are in our prayers as you celebrate the remembrance of Meica's birth and brief but precious and unbelievably wonderous life with you this side of Heaven. May our Lord bless you not only with His peace but with the unspeakable joy of the sure hope of seeing Meica again in His presence.

August 19, 2003
My son passed away four years ago tonight. I just want to say how much I miss him. Chris - I miss your smile and kind heart. I feel your presence at times, and I thank you for your visits. I feel so lucky to be your mom. I always knew you had a kind heart, and hearing from some of your friends only reinforces that. (Moms know these things you know.haha) Your brother misses you so much, and Dad does too. I hope they get comfort from the love they feel for you. Ivy is here with us - she and Spots go at one another sometimes, but she's a sweety. Til We Meet Again To Part No More. Love, Mom

August 12, 2003
I want to commend you on your strength courage & love from your heart that you must have had for Andy and the way you handled things as far as the foster agency. If only people would learn about HIV & other illnesses instead of second guessing just what it means maybe this world could exist with many more people like yourself. It makes no difference to me what anyone has as long as they know they are loved and im certainly positive Andy knew he was just that to the end! I'm truly sorry for your loss of such a wonderful boy. May God Bless & keep you well as you continue to give whats needed most in this world....LOVE

August 08, 2003
I like this site very comentary. It was made by a person with passion.;)

Patricia Farrell
August 03, 2003
Your web site is a warm and beautifull tribute to your Daughter, I was extremly moved by it. My 13 year old son Shane was killed on Sept.20,2002 by a 15 year old boy at a local skatepark, my world has been a continous rollercoaster. While there is a part of me some where that knows he's gone, the rest of me can't except it. I tell myself he's away. My nightmare has only been compounded by a legal system that has let me down.

sarah ball
July 28, 2003
hi i came across your web site looking for info on multiple pterygium syndrome. I was 5 months pregnant when we discovered there was major problems a week later i gave birth to a baby boy (he was still born) due to the effects of multiple pterygium syndrome. it was our first baby and it totally flipped my world up side down. im just coming to terms with it now nearly 4 months later! if theres anyone out there thats had the same it would be great to hear from you!

Andrea Nicole Stockwell
July 26, 2003
Hi, My name is andrea and i am only 14 years old but i have gone through alot in my life. Reading all these stories really just tears my heart apart, to all those who lost an infant, toddler, teen, or adult child...all my love goes to you and your angel children. I am so sorry and i promise you.... you will see them agin. GOD BLESS

Yolanda Rogers
July 19, 2003
Thank you for sharing your remarkable Meica. I see through your heart the wonderous work of God done through her. You are in our thoughts and prayers as another anniversary of Meica's Homegoing approaches. We know how our pain deepens no matter how much time passes. We lift you up to our heavenly Father asking Him for His mercy and grace. That this most painful of times may be transformed into a time of peace and hope.

July 10, 2003

July 06, 2003
I lost my oldest daughter to a drunk driver last October. I am still numb with grief. I can't give any details, but I would like to write a short tribute to her memory.

Sandii Smith
July 01, 2003
Our wee boy Campbell Ashley lost his brave battle with Leukaemia on 12 December1997 we miss him and still love him heaps he was 8 I was looking thru the websites and came across this one and decided to write. It has been six years this Dec and it doesn't get any easier. Fly free my lil Angel, Campbell Ashley....Love, kisses always Daddy, Mummy And big sis Kylie xxxxxxxx

lynne wass
July 01, 2003
I lost my only child BEN to leukemia 21/2 years ago is there anyone out there in the same situ ?

June 28, 2003

Aileen Bristow
June 25, 2003
I have an Angelchild. His name is Christopher. He was two months off his fourteenth birthday when another teenager bludgeoned him to death. My world became so much richer and purposefull when he was born and now that he's dead the world is dark and pretty meangingless. When will the killings of our children stop?I am grateful for your website. Our children whether they are physically or spiritually, always at our side and in our hearts.My son used to always say "Smile, be happy" and it was an easy thing to do but now it has become the hardest thing to do.Love you all, Aileen (Chris' Mom)

Andrea Jordan
June 22, 2003
I enjoyed reading the stories about children that have passed on to be angels. i feel very closed to the parents i read about because i to have lost a child. his name is Travis and it has only been 5 months but it feels like it just happen to me. i still can't believe he is gone. i just sit and push back the feeling i have because i feel like no one understands me. know i know that there is a mediam that do understand, and i will be writing my story for someone to read in your audience very soon thank-you for just being there to talk to.

June 08, 2003
I just lost my 9 yr old son Brandon 2 months ago..Everyone keeps saying how remakable I am and what a strong person I am..I really dont feel it..I was a single mom so it had always been just me and him now what do i do? Thnak you for this site hopefully someone will read this and offer some advise on how to handle this incrediable pain i feel. My heart left on March 1,2003 with my son..

leah licea
June 07, 2003
my name is leah its been one month today that my 8 year old son bobby died he was killed by a hit and run drunk driver .my baby boy bobby is a hero because he saved the lives of five children with the donation of he vital organs. im so proud of him and am glad that his life nor his death were in vane i always knew god had some special porpose for bobby i only wish that he didnt have to die in order to fullfill his porpose . lets all honor the littlest heros for giving the most awsome gift one humanbeing can give to another the gift of life sincerly bobbys mom

June 04, 2003
I like it

Betty Crawley
May 18, 2003
What a beautiful Memorial Site! Meica's story brought tears to my eyes -- what a wonderful and precious young lady! I know she was and continues to be such an inspiratdion not only to all who knew her personally, but to so many who have viewed this page and learned of her. Bless you for creating Angelchild.com

Jamie Phegley
May 15, 2003

Tina Barnett
April 23, 2003
I am 36 years old, and lost my son to pre-term labor when I was almost 6 months pregnant on March 13th 2003. He was my first child. I am glad I found this site so that maybe I can find some comfort in the future. Little tommy Jr. I miss you and love you with all my heart.

Alma Diaz
April 04, 2003
I am so glad I found this sight.I am 21 and lost my little girl in March 2002. I never got to see her smile cause I lost her when I was 7mo. pregnant. She was my first baby. So you could imagine how that felt. I would kind of get upset when people would tell me they "knew" how I felt or They "felt" my pain. I know they did feel bad but I also knew they could not possibly feel my pain. They moved on after my loss but me, I still carry that pain in me. Well thank you for this web site now I KNOW I'm not alone. thanx

April 04, 2003
What a great site found it by accident. I lost my Lucus 01/09/01 never got too know him but had so many magical experiences. My angel is up there in gods garden with all the other little angels. God bless and thank you for this site.

Mary L. Rynier
April 03, 2003
I just was wondering what angelchild.com was all about I lost a son 19 month's ago in a car accident and someday's are so very hard to accept that my son is not here with me Thank -you Mary

April 03, 2003
Thank You for sharing.I hope you are doing better and I know she's in heaven.

Julie ~~Mom to Angel Little Ray
March 21, 2003
I have spent a heartfelt morning at this web site.......It has been both inspirational, and touching. Every once in a while I feel tremendous need to feel "closer" to my son in heaven. Thank you for the spiritual session....:)how I could have missed it over the last 2 1/2 years is beyond me. I am on this grief journey also. My little boy "little Ray" entered into heaven 8/3/2000. he was born December 9, 1990 and died as a result of a traumatic birth injury...severe cerebral palsy. He lived 9 years and 8 months....I dont even know where to start here.......I share sooooo many identical thoughts and similar "after-death" experiences with my angel. I am so glad, relieved and overjoyed to read your angel stories. Please emial me and I would love to correspond....I have an angel story or two (or 5 or 6 :) ) That I would love to share. We have truly been blessed to have been touched from heaven by our angels. Special angels are spiritually enhanced I believe that now......the tribulations they experienced as disabled children here on earth has earned them a special place closer to God. Blessings to you and your family...thank you for sharing this beautiful site.....Julie

March 13, 2003
As someone who works with special needs children and has for 15 years....this brought a tear to my eye. It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

March 11, 2003
You have a wonderful website here...I am sorry for your loss... but feel blessed that I stumbled into your website. Thank you so much for sharing your blessings.Hugs and Angel Blessings! Cyssihttp://www.angelfire.com/blues/jcr/main.html

Patricia Santos
March 09, 2003
I lost my daughter on 3/25/00. She is missedso much. She has left us with beautiful memories. Her laughter ...... as her brother would say she is in heaven to play,how true......

Sue Morris
March 06, 2003
I cryed through Meica's story. How blessed you are to have shared in your life with such a special child. I am so very sad for your loss.My 10yr old girl is a speical child too. She does'nt know what anger is or hate or any of those other things, all she knows is love and laughter. She loves to snuggle and cuddle. She even loves her younger sister.We don't know how much longer she will be with us, so we are making the most of every little minute and every hug.My heart goes out to you.

February 27, 2003

jeannie espinosa
February 24, 2003
i like true stories angel stories i love to read then. i used to buy books but i can't find them any more. if you know where i can find them please e-mail me thank you jeannie

February 18, 2003
My daughter, Karen, just posted her story of Joshua & his grandmother with you. What a wonderful outreach you have done to so many hurting people! Joshua only lived 2 short hours but he was a strong little angel who carried a special message to us about treasuring each day as a gift. My daughter is devastated & I bear the pain of seeing her pain. In loving memory of baby Joshua.

Martijn Jentjens
February 14, 2003
Sam.We lost our son Sam on January 27, 1997. He was 9 years then and disabled since he was 13 month old. Today I first found the page of angelchild and although I did not read it for all, I feld like giving my first response. We do love our Sam very much and we feel he is with us often. I hope soon to tell you more about him and us.Greatings to everyone.

February 06, 2003
I love this website its nice for children and grownups

lynne wass
February 04, 2003
i ost my only child BEN age 15 and a half to lleaukemia on 9th Dec 2000 cannnot talk to anyone yet looked at this site many times but dare not reply anyone out there shared my experiences x Lynne

Andrea Maghoo
February 03, 2003
I wish I could have known her...

Jamie Phegley
January 31, 2003
I lost my son Isaac to SIDS almost two years ago. It's nice to find a site that doesn't make me cry over him, rather, I smile. Thank you.

Rosa Corona
November 28, 2002
I also had two angels, that are in heaven now, they were full of life,compassion, love, forgiviness,and they loved the Lord.Judy was ten, Maribel sixteen and they taught us so much we miss so very much.

November 27, 2002

lynne wass
November 24, 2002
i was feeling pretty low after nearly 2 years gone by losing my only child aged 15 to leaukemia dare not talk to anyone

November 23, 2002
Hi,i am glad that i have found these sites but there is one site that i have not found as yet from pearants who have lost a child through a drowning accident as i have done so comeing up six years next january.I have found life very hard to deal with at this time as over this time i was on my own and have had no time to greive for my son as i had two children one just after his accident and then one four months after he passed away then i had there dad walk out when my last child was three weeks old so now i have just got married to a wounderful man and i should be happy i am not and haveing a brake down which has made life very hard to live with so i would lik to find a site with perants who have lost a angel through drowning and i would like to send my love out to everyone on this site as well thankyou sonia

kayt fossler
November 08, 2002
Wesley loved to dance,I am learning to.Wesley loved his critters.He wore his lizards on his head like a hat,the very though makes me laugh out loud.Wes loved the outdoors,plants, animals and all of humankind.He was given to us for a reason and taken from us too soon.We all miss you son. Love mom,Kyle,Will,Eva Casey & the boys

kayt fossler
November 08, 2002
Wesley loved to dance,I am learning to.Wesley loved his critters.He wore his lizards on his head like a hat,the very though makes me laughg out loud.Wes loved the out doors,plants, animals and all of humankind.He was given to us for a reason and taken from us all to soon.We all miss you son. Love mom,Kyle,Will,Casey & the boys

Natalie Alvarez
November 07, 2002
I too knew Andy He truly was an amazing child

October 31, 2002
I'm not sure there are words to describe finding this site. I've learned that even in sorrow there are reasons to rejoice. It's been just over 2 years since Joshua died and I've struggled to find ways for his brothers and I to keep his memory alive. Bless you and each family represented here.

Nancy Van Horn
October 28, 2002
Thank you and thank Meica, beautiful angel, for inspiring you to create this web site. My beautiful 3 year old nephew, Matthew died one month ago today. Right now, the wonderous gifts Matthew left us are so saturated with the sadness of his struggle and leaving. We had so many things to do for Matthew during his 20 month battle with a rare childhood cancer. In the wake of his leaving, one of the hardest things is that there is nothing more to do for him. Thanks for this opportunity. I would like to memorize our treasured precious boy on your web site. Even in his darkest moments, his wonderous spirit, his mountainous courage inspired all of us who were so blessed by his presence. Thanks. I read your story of Meica's hug. I know it to be true. Matthew has already hugged his mother. Meica and Matthew! Heaven glows with our beautiful children.Nancy

Tammy Norelius
October 24, 2002
I also found this web site by accident, funny how that happens. We lost our youngest child Jessica, Jan. 7th of this year in a car accident. Were not sure why (could of been the sun in her eyes) but she pulled out from our neighborhood onto the highway in front of our home and was hit broadside by a garbage truck. We were told her spirit left on impact and she did not suffer.We have also been told it will get easier, I beg to differ. We miss her more every day. I know she is our little angel now and I am drawn to anything angel like now and buy it in her memory. The town has been wonderful and done a few things in her memory also, she touched so many lives in her short life.I agree is it so wonderful to find places as these to go to when you need it. I will visit the different web pages listed through out this one. Maybe some day I'll figuer out how to set one up for her. She was my computer wizard, she had her own web page, which she unfortunately took down before her accident. Please feel free to contact me, I'm a good listener.

October 22, 2002
hi, my names Jessica and i'm 14. I'd just like to say sorry to everyone who has lost a loved one. 2 years ago i lost my friend to bacterial meningites. It's hard to go on without her but i try as hard as i can and seeing all thease peoms and things about other children who have passed away helps me. It tells me that shes not alone up in heaven. Emily--I LOVE YOU!

October 22, 2002
hi, my names Jessica and i'm 14. I'd just like to say sorry to everyone who has lost a loved one. 2 years ago i lost my friend to bacterial meningites. It's hard to go on without her but i try as hard as i can and seeing all thease peoms and things about other children who have passed away helps me. It tells me that shes not alone up in heaven. Emily--I LOVE YOU!

Susie Belveal
October 18, 2002
Bless you for this site! When I first lost my child, 4 years ago, I didn't know where to turn to. I felt as if I were the only one in the world to feel this PAIN. I now know that I am not alone, that I can share with others and them with me, and we can go through this together! Thankyou for caring!!!!

richard cooper
October 05, 2002
i have just read the sad story of jessica`s message, and would like to give my deepest sympthay i know hayley well and this was a very heartbreaking time for her, specially after all else she has gone through in her life. if you need there will always be someone there for you at any time night or day. richard.

September 30, 2002
We just lost our daughter, Kenzie in a car wreck august 1. We thing she was avoiding a deer. She was 17. This is my first time on the web. I just can't sleep. Maybe this will hel

Irene M. Wakula
September 12, 2002
I found this website by accident and I found it very interesting. If you have a e-newsletter, I would like to be added to the list?Thanks

September 04, 2002
This past Saturday-August 31st-was 2 years ago that my baby girl-Emma-died. She died due to medical negligence and should be here with me, her father and little brother today. I miss her so much! My family doesn't even acknowledge that she was even born and that really makes me angry. Emma, August 31st, 2000Mommy loves you

August 30, 2002
I'm sorry that you lost your daughter, I know she is Heaven with all the other Angels. You'll see her again. This site is lovely, well done!www.geocities.com/hollyjessica/(((hugs))) Dawn

Christy Fitzpatrick
August 24, 2002
I was led here through Heavenly Lights as Mieca's birthday closes in. I was really touched my your daughter and mostly by her visit/hug. What a beautiful thing for her to do for you. Thank you for sharing your daughter with me and so many others. I would be very honored if you would visit my daughter's site...http://www.geocities.com/ourangeljordyn/WelcomeJordyn is the inspiration behind Heavenly Lights. She died at the tender and sweet age of 2 after a 14 month battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia/AML. As I have no doubt, your daughter is your hero...Jordyn is mine! God Bless and I will be back often to read more and more...

Tracy Forester
August 24, 2002
What a beautiful tribute to your precious angel! I'm so very sorry for your loss...if there is anything I can ever do...I'm just an email away!

Florence Walker
August 24, 2002
A beautiful tribute of life spent to the fullest observed by those ment to learn from her. Your lives different than before Meica's existance. I am changed as an observer peeking in on wonder. Sometimes you cannot add to a topic that has covered the hig points. The soga. It is late or early, depending on when you normally rest for the evening. I just know that I feel better for having read of the great love for Mecia,and the appreciation of her journey that clearly was ment to help others focus on the bigger picture; Her life was so fragile but tempered with strength. I will ask my guardian angel to send her my regards. All who connect will meet, or have met in heaven. Hugs to family and friends.

Angel MaryBeth
August 22, 2002
Hi, I just visited your site and I think you did a beautiful job and a wonderful tribute to Meica! I would like to invite you to join an angelic internet group called Simply Enchanting Angels. We hope to make new and lasting friendships as well as support each other in times of need. I hope to see you there! Our website addy is http://www.seangels.org (((Angel Hugs))) Angel MaryBeth

Laura DeFalco
August 06, 2002
You site was of great help to me, in writing a very difficult Eulogy! at a impossible time in our lives. We are trying to make a statement with our service and this site has been a tremdous help. The death of our nephew has been very tramatic, his death was a tragic one, with a trail and wrong doing envolved. We would like to give you our idea's of what we did, so that it might help others. we have made T-shirts with his picture on them, that we are all going to wear to the funeral. It is a out door service like Dustin would have wanted . we are also making lockets that can hold Dustin's ashes around our necks so we are never very far from him eighter. All who attend will receive one. In loving memory of Dustin Valdez

Connie Linder
August 03, 2002
Your website really touched my heart. I have a 5 year-old stepson, whom I am adopting, with Double Hemplegia Cerebral Palsy. The doctors have only given him 8 years to live and we cherish every day with him.

Thomas Crown
July 28, 2002
This is what the web is all about, sharing, and the ability to reach out and help each other with the knowledge, "That we are not alone" Should you care to vist the Palestinian children of Sabra and Chatila in Beirut, Lebanon go to www.thomascrown.com and click on the Photojournalism page, the children will speak for themselves.For all people, everywhere...I thank you.Thomas Crown

July 26, 2002
I thought i was alone, and after redaing everybodys thoughts & prayers, I feel so much better.And as i read alot of stories, Icries with you,becuz in my heart I know you would of cried with me also. God Bless!

Deanna Brown
July 19, 2002
I have been thinking of Meica a lot lately and am having a hard time imagining that it has been five years since I have seen her. My thoughts and prayers are with the Bristols as they are faced with the fifth anniversary of her passing. I love you all...I miss you Meica!

gerry schuff
July 15, 2002
The 3rd anniversary of my son's passing is July 19. Having a hard time right now, needed to see this site. Thank-you

July 15, 2002
So glad to visit your site feel welcome at heavenly lights I have a web ring called Angel child please visit Samantha's Site to see itLove and Hugs Norma

John Hinton
July 07, 2002
Thank you for the work you are doing with child loss. Please check out my wife's web site, silentgrief.com and consider listing it as a resource. I am most impressed with your site. jwh

Rhonda Turner
July 01, 2002
I lost my daughter, McKenna, 2 days after she was born and her twin brother, Ryan, 9 days after he was born in 1998. They were 12 weeks premature. Two years later, I also lost my first born son, Jordan, one month after his 6th birthday. He drowned in our neighbor's pond. It will be four years without Ryan and McKenna and two years without Jordan this month. I'm hanging on by a thread. Thank you for your site. It's beautiful!

joyce sponcil
June 29, 2002
my son, aaron,age 14 passed on while sleeping on palm sunday morning. the shock of finding him that way will never leave my mind. aaron was an angel on this earth and everyone who knew him saw that. the way i cope with the loss of my only son changes from day to day. i miss him more every day . freinds tell me it will get easier with time but i don't see that happening. he was the reason i got up, went to sleep, cooked,worked,cleaned, and smiled. the only peace i have is knowing while he was here with me god watched over him and that he is with him now, safe, no pain and no fear.

June 24, 2002
I lost my son, Joshua, 16 months ago today. He was 17 and a senior in high school. I was just checking out your web site, I am just looking for help to get through this the best I can...just like everyone else who has lost their angelchild.

June 07, 2002
hello i just want to say to the little andy boy his parents who help fight for aids i think that your little boy had a heart of gold and i just want to say i am sorry for your loss

May 30, 2002
I dont know how to start,I got the call today 5-30-2001 that all mothers and friends can't bare.My best friend called to tell me her son Jimmy Hill 17 years old died today.I't was if I had lost one of my own.Shelia I love you,we have went threw alot together.We never think we would bury our children before use.I felt the need to tell you that I still belive in angles and I belive that Jimmy will always be with you, John,Josh and Ben.Shelia,our childern come in to this world as angels and when they leave us as angels. At 10:03 am today Jimmy became your angel. with all my love brenda,mickey,felicia,and brian

April 19, 2002
On 2/27/02 we tragically lost our beautiful 17 year old daughter Melissa. We are overwhelmed with grief and anquish, and we are fighting the fight of our lives to try to somehow cope and to help her younger sister and brother through. We found this site to be comforting, and wonderfully done. Thank you for your caring and concern for those who have been forced down this terrible road.

sheree barreto
April 11, 2002

April 05, 2002
My daughter got her Angel wings on 7-21-01. Shana was 16 years old and waskilled in a jet ski accident. Our lives have been turned upside down, and we have turned to God to help us deal with this huge loss. The anger that I had felt for the past 8 months has been very hard to deal with. I had to ask for God's help to get thru this and that was even more difficult, because I was angry at Him for taking my daughter. Our son hates being an only child, but he is adjusting the best he can as we are with the emptyness. Our lives will never be the same and if you don't have a good support group to lean on, then you will surely not get thru your loss. We have lots of family and friends that loved Shana, and are there for us anytime we need them.My prayers go out to all parents that have suffered the loss of a child or children. God Bless you all.....

Teresa Berry
April 01, 2002
Loved your site, some of the stories helped me, I recently lost my 2 1/2 year old daughter, she was a down syndrom child, she had a lot of heart problems. She was the sweetest baby, loved everyone. We miss her very very much. Thank You again.

lorraine henry
March 27, 2002
just looking thru i lost my little boy 2 years go and i want to start a foundation in memory of him so i'm trying to learn how to do it he was killed by a hit and run driver thank you and god bless

March 25, 2002
I'm happy to find myself on this site. I lost my 20 year old son on 12 June 2001, and I still on the rough road of recovery. Since the death of my son, there is a lto of emptiness in my whole life. I do not know how to face the future without my son.Thank you

Dr. Miguel Octavio Sosa P.
March 24, 2002
I work as Ob Gyn in prenatal detection of fetal malformations. I would be able to be usefull if you contact me in the future to talk any trouble that I can explain. I am so sorry with your son. Sincerely, Dr. M.O.Sosa ( Barquisimeto, Venezuela )


March 21, 2002
Beautiful site..thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart with me. Claudette http://www.vickileeonline.com

john c. snyder
March 21, 2002
as a survivor of this childhood disease, my heart goes out to the families and children who may be dealing with the sickness...i would give any info i could offer on this subject...i am now 39 years old..and have been "cured" for 30 years...thanks to stanford hospital, and its doctors..

Nancy Horneman
March 18, 2002
Thank you for Angelchild.com. My two angels went to sleep here and woke up in Heaven on August 15, 1999. Their father, Walter, in a last act of abuse took their little lives and then his own. My life is better that before, except...they are not here to share it with...and I miss them so. I, too, want to put together a web site for them...hopefully soon...I pray for you and thank you...... Nancy

John Dures
March 18, 2002
We lost our daughter Deanne at the age of 26 last year

Doris (Angel Andrew's Mommy)
March 16, 2002
I thought your website was beautiful. http://home.insightbb.com/~cdma/

March 10, 2002
What a blessing to have found this site. Thank you. I lost my 17 yr old daughter, Jade, on 9/1/2001. She was murdered by a drunk driver. Her 18th b-day was 2/10/02. Her 16 yr old sister witnessed her death and I'm focused on her healing which doesn't leave me much time for my own grief. Any help, advice, comfort or just a friend is appreciated.

Norma Jean Dewdney
March 05, 2002
I visited your website on March 5, 2002. The site is very impressive, and I would like to become involved in Angelchild.

Angela Boyd
February 01, 2002
I enjoyed reading the stories at this website. I lost my son Trevor November 3 2001. He was eight years old. He had a bone marrow transplant for a rare genitic disease. Due to the fact that he was immune suppressed he devloped a very rare form of lymphoma. This is the hardest thing that I've ever had to go through, some days I dont' think that I will make it. Trevor was a very special boy whom I loved with all of my heart and soul.(I still do) Any correspondance is welcome.

February 28, 2002
This is a wonderful site. My heart goes out to all who have left their story to be told and the ones who haven't yet. God bless all who visit. May God and all of the angels watch over you.

Kelly Berrigan
February 26, 2002
What a beautiful site! Thank you for having this available for all parents that have lost children. I would love to add your link to childloss.com's support links page if you would so permit me. Thank you again for this wonderful site! Much Love, Kelly Berrigan Founder/childloss.com

Phyllis King
February 17, 2002
What a wonderful web site.I am very inspired by the courage of these people.I have a Brother who is dying Of a incuralble disease I hope we have as much courage as some of you got when our brother passes away.God Bless.

February 12, 2002
As a mother who has lost a child I want to thank you for being available to those of us who somtimes feel so alone after losing our only child. It is helpful to read and understand that there are people out there hurting as I do.

Dineen Johnson
February 12, 2002
My husband found your sight & suggested that I visit. I thought it would be too hard, and it is. Tomorrow is, what would have been our daughter, Dominique's 18th birthday. She went home on October 7, 2001. I miss her so much that I cannot tell you. Dominique I know you are in a better place, and I am trying to move on, but this is so hard. It hurts so much to be here without you. I MISS YOU! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. REST IN PEACE BABY.


February 10, 2002
Hello Henry Gomes! You left us without saying goodbye. It's been one month since you were taken from us. Does the pain in our hearts ever go away. Some days seem to be easier than others. Just when you think you can cope with understanding and accepting Gods reason for taking you so soon, sadness falls upon us. It breaks my heart knowing your parents pain will never leave them. Please give us the strength, love, and courage to move on in life. PEACE AND HAPPINESS MY NEPHEW!

February 06, 2002
God bless you and all the fallen souls that have risen to a better, safer, and more blissful place.

February 03, 2002
I think it is wonderful to keep the angelchildren alive by creating a website for them. You have done a great job. Keep up the good work. God Bless

Hayley Cooper
February 01, 2002
these pages are beutiful ,i lost my daughter on november 27th 2000 she died during labour due to placental abruption 1 day overdue i still dont understand why this happened and know i never will all i know now 1 year on is that i still long to have my daughter jessica louise in my arms i miss you princess and feel you with me mommy misses you and loves you so much xxxx so much love to give you ,but cannot have you,i hope some day that we shall find you ,taken from us but never forgot for in our hearts you shall stay and rest assured will grow and play.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Laura Shoemaker
January 31, 2002
You have a beautiful web site. I lost my two sons on August 18 1978, in a drowning accident, while we were on family holidays. They were 17 and 18 years old. Our two oldest children. It took a long time for my family to move along the path that took us away from intense grief. We had to learn to accept the permanence of loss that we must live with. We will forever mss them, but we now remember and laugh at the wonderful times we had with them. There are so many of us, who must face the death of our children, and try to make a life again after such heartbreaking events.

Jenni yoder
January 17, 2002
This was a very healing thing for me, My son Gage Gunner, was killed in an accident on December 15, 2001, just 1 month and 2 days ago. He was run over by a tracor. His little brother who is 6 years old and I are having a hard time picking our life back up again, and the wonderful stories the people here shared have also helped me. I also have wonderful stories of my "angel child". It is very nice that there is a place that people may come and read this and also think that if they can get through it then maybe I can to. Thank you for creating this, Jenni Yoder

January 13, 2002
I miss my Chris - his smiles and the special little dance he'd do when happy! I love him - I think of him every day. He had a special gift of making people smile. I'm so glad he was (and is) my son. Thank you for this page!

Rhonda Aldrich
December 22, 2001
Here it is the Christmas holidays already. How different it is without Amanda. Last year she was with all of her family and friends. Having the time of her life... On January 15, 2001 she was killed in a head-on car wreck which was the fault of a 16 year old girl... How hard it is to go on.....




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