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At different times, people have written either me directly, or left word in the guest book that they are looking to communicate with someone who understands their grief or confusion. This one to one contact is very helpful for some people. I wanted to give them a space where their request and particulars can be readily found. If you want to communicate with another person, please send me e-mail. Be sure to indicate that you want me to put you in the Nexus.

Vicky Hendrickson
June 21, 2006
I would very much like to communicate with someone who understands what I am going thru. My 20 year old son was murdered 4/6/06.

Barbara Nowak
March 20, 2006
hello, i lost my 24 yr. old son in an accident(4/22/06) where he was hit from behind w/a tractor trailer truck going 70m.p.h. (he was stopped) and was engulfed in flames. i hugged my son in a body bag, when reality sets in after the shock i think it's worse, not better. i would like to connect w/some others like me. barbara

Michelle Phillips
September 5, 2005

Hi Everyone...My name is Michelle Phillips.I'm looking for friends of my son (Dwayne Desjarlais).It's comming up on two years (Aug 17/2003) since our loss.I was hoping over time that Dwayne's friends would stay in contact with me,but i'm still waiting. Thank you to Ashley Klien and Dustin Zimmerman for keeping in touch,Dwayne loved you guys so much.Having contact with my sons friends seems to help alot,i enjoy hearing the stories about your friendships.I feel closer to him knowing he was apart of your friendships.He was such a great friend to everyone he came in contact with.I'm hoping by keeping all of you close to me will help in the healing process for myself as well as all of you... Talking about my son does not make me sad it is the fact that he is physically gone that saddens me.Talking and sharing memories of him always puts a smile on my face.I would love to hear all the stories and memories you all shared with eachother ,i'm sure there are some real good ones.My son had the gift of humor so i can only imagine what those stories will intail....L.O.L.....good and bad. Please do not be strangers,lets keep in touch.If you perfer to keep in touch through leaving messages on this websight,thats fine too.

P.S. to anyone who hasn't heard i'm planning a three on three basketball tournement on Aug 20th.You can get ahold of me by email if you are interested. Take care everyone...lets keep in touch Dwayne Desjarlais Mom.....michelle

Renate Camp
September 2, 2005
I adopt handicapped children and the love of my life died 3 months ago. He wasnt suppose to live past 5 years and died 3 months short of his 14th birthday. He had cerebal palsy, trache,g-tube,blind. After his last operation, he had rods put in his back and I think it was too much for him because he wasnt happy anymore. When he went to the emergency room I gave god permission to take him, unfortunately social services did not and theyre investigating me for not getting him help in time. I think all mothers feel guilty anyway but to have someone say it out loud hurts. Im not worried about the outcome but I just needed someone to talk to.Anybody want to cry over their computer? Renate

Leona Thomas
February 16, 2005
My son, Craig died in a vehicle accident on November 14, 2002. He was 26 years of age. He was full of life, zest, love, friendship, caring and just beginning to seriously pursue his dream of becoming a Physical Education teacher. He had entered in his 2nd year of college at the time of his death. He was my youngest son - my baby! Due to the suddeness of his death, both my son, Stephen, his wife, Tara and myself had difficulty in initially accepting our loss. As time went on and the shock wore off the inevitable realization that I would never hug my son, tell him I love him, laugh with him, share with him - my loss become very heavy and at times unbearable. I was very lucky to have supportive family that I reached out to at any time and ther loving and caring really helped me in accepting my loss and recognizing the cyle of life does include death. I can be contacted by email

Colleen Sweitzer
April 02, 2004
I lost my Daughter Sarah on January 15,2003. Sarah was born on October 10,2001. She was placed on the list for transplant for both liver and small bowel. But time ran out before a donor became available. I would love to speak with other parents who have lost a child due to failure to recieve organs. Or i would love to hear from anyone who has lost a child in anyway. I have found that not many people understand how it feels to loose a child, and the PAIN it causes. Ten months after I lost Sarah i sufferd a miscarage so i am kind of down about that as well. I will look forward in hearing from you!

Sherry Blevins
March 07, 2004
I lost my 23 year old son on March 26,2002. Since the young age of 10 years old he had been a insulin dependant juvenile diabetic. The last 26 days of my sons life were nothing short of a tragedy. He was found by his roommate unconscious and unresponsive in a diabetic coma and suffered hypoxic encelopathy due to being revived twice; when the doctors told us we had a choice to make as a mother I knew what my son would want for us to do. The last weekend of his young life, I was overwhelmed at the outpouring of love from his friends as well as family. On Monday March 25,2002 as I held his little hand in mine as they removed him from life support I knew our hours together were short; but I was able to keep my promise to my only son; to let him die with peace and dignity. God called our angel home to heaven the next afternoon while family and friends surrounded our son. Sherry Blevins

Patsy Calliou
January 22, 2004
Hi! Wanted to find parents that have lost a child too. I lost my daughter on May 11/03 due to a car accident, she was 16 yrs old. I have two younger children (Boy 15 and girl 13). It is hard at times, but I enjoy sharing and talking with others, as it helps me to heal. Hope I can connect with someone who can help me and I can help them. I have two younger children that miss their big sister too. Maybe they can find other children who lost their siblings. Thanks.

January 02, 2003
Hello my name is Becky and I wanted to know how I could sing up to put my email address on your site so that people like me that has lost a child can talk to me so we can help each other to deal with are pain. I lost my 3 year old son last year to something called streptococcus group G. please e mail me and let me now thank you. Becky

Michelle Phillips
December 12, 2003
I lost my angel dwayne on aug.2003.....I'm looking for someone to communicate with ,someone who has lost a child due to a sudden death.I lost my son to a motorcycle accidient....I feel so alone..time stopped for me since that day.They say it gets easier as time goes on,but i'm not quite sure on that one cause it only feels like yesturday for me,. since i had that knock on my door from the police man who came to tell me of the accidient.I'll never forget the look on the officers face when he came to the door.,I immediately knew something terrible had happened to my son of 18 yrs.My son was in cridical condition and passed away only a few hours after the accidient.His friend who was on the bike as well passed away three days after my son.My sympathy goes out to everyone on this web site who has lost a loved one. Michelle Phillips

sarah ball
July 28, 2003
hi i came across your web site looking for info on multiple pterygium syndrome. I was 5 months pregnant when we discovered there was major problems a week later i gave birth to a baby boy (he was still born) due to the effects of multiple pterygium syndrome. it was our first baby and it totally flipped my world up side down. im just coming to terms with it now nearly 4 months later! if theres anyone out there thats had the same it would be great to hear from you!

Susie B.
October 18, 2002
I lost my daughter, Jessica, 4years ago in March. I would love to communicate with others who understand this, for so few in this world really know what the PAIN is like! People told me in the beginning that they knew what I was going through, but they didn't. Only others who have gone through it can really understand. Anyone who KNOWS the PAIN, please feel free to write and I'll respond to your tears, fears, PAIN! Bless you for starting this site, as we all need each other!!!!!!

September 7, 2002
I want to commend you on your web site for your daughter. I'm going to check into doing one for our daughter Jessica. It is a good way of keeping your child's memories alive and sharing her life with others. We lost our Jessie in a car accident Jan. 7, 2002. She would of been 18 on Labor Day. She was a wonderful, smart and very loving person. We found out just how much so after her passing. We miss who so very much. She has had a scholarship set up for the next 5 years and a donation to our local library that purchased 17 books of her interests in her memory. I think I can honestly say that I understand how your heart feels. I now reach out to those parents in our local area that have lost a child through a car accident and it does help to talk to others that know what your going through. Any communication is welcomed.

March 10, 2002
What a blessing to have found this site. Thank you. I lost my 17 yr old daughter, Jade, on 9/1/2001. She was murdered by a drunk driver. Her 18th b-day was 2/10/02. Her 16 yr old sister witnessed her death and I'm focused on her healing which doesn't leave me much time for my own grief. Any help, advice, comfort or just a friend is appreciated.

Angela Boyd
February 01, 2002
I enjoyed reading the stories at this website. I lost my son Trevor November 3 2001. He was eight years old. He had a bone marrow transplant for a rare genitic disease. Due to the fact that he was immune suppressed he devloped a very rare form of lymphoma. This is the hardest thing that I've ever had to go through, some days I dont' think that I will make it. Trevor was a very special boy whom I loved with all of my heart and soul.(I still do) Any correspondance is welcome.

Jan Allen
September 07, 2001
I want to commend you on your web site for your daughter. we recently started one for our son Stephen. it's a way of keeping your child's memories alive and sharing his life with others. We lost our Stephen nine days before his seventeenth birthday (he and I share the same birthday, Feb. 7}, so that was the first milestone we had to face in the midst of all the pain we were suffering. We also lit a candle to celebrate his birthday. After that we decided to light a candle for all the holidays and special occasions. We also keep a candle in the window, that lights at night, in his memory. I think I can honestly say that I understand how your heart feels. Any communication is welcomed.

Roberta Ramey
May 22, 2001
I think this a beautiful thing you have done. Alto my story is a bit different I would like to share it. My granddaughter was one week from her first birthday when she was murdered by her father. He molested her and drowned her in bathtub and tried to make it look like an accident, but police were suspicious from the very beginning and took him to jail before any of the family could find out. I has been 6 of the hardest months I've ever had to endure. My daughter is completely devastated as you can imagine. We just got her marker last week and it is so beautiful .. only one thing missing. HIS name is not on there. I could not go for the rest of my life seeing his name on there knowing he put her there. Any correspondence is appreciated




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