Please help others who are grieving, or are in need of inspiration by celebrating your child's legacy on AngelChild Legacies.

Although wanting to submit their child's legacy to AngelChild, some people feel they would like assistance in expressing themselves adequately, or with general writing. I am willing to help you with construction if you contact me.

Reading "About AngelChild" before submitting will be helpful to you in deciding what your legacy should contain. Following is the instructions for submitting information to have a child included on Angelchild.

Please include:

  1. A picture of the child. Please have the photo scanned into a digital image (many photo places now do this) and send to me as an attachment in e-mail along with the other information. The photo should be cropped to 190-200 pixels wide.
  2. The name of the child as you would like it to appear. i.e. - Meica Bristol or Meica Laine Bristol.
  3. The age of the child.
  4. The dates and years when the child was on earth. i.e. - August 27, 1986 - July 20, 1997.
  5. Cause of death (optional) i.e. - accidental, drunk driver, specific disease, etc.
  6. Where child last lived. A province, state or country will do.
  7. List any special funds, or active memorials that have been established in your child's name. This could be a scholarship fund, a special award bearing the name of your child given out each year, a plaque dedicated to your child, etc.
  8. If you choose, a favorite charitable organization can be listed as your choice for where memorial donations may be sent in the name of your child. (optional) i.e. - SIDS, Muscular Dystrophy org, Battens Disease org, MADD for children dying as a result of drunk driving accident etc.) If this is a special fund that is not familiar to others, please list what the donations are used for. i.e. - The Meica Bristol Fund - Under the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living established to further the causes of human rights for persons with disabilities.

    Please include the address and the URL of the organization if there is one i.e. - the URL is http://......... .

  9. Your e-mail address (optional). Although optional to list on the site, I do need it in case I have questions regarding your information. Please state whether you want it listed on the site or not.
  10. The child's legacy. Please use these guidelines:
    1. Angelchild is intended to be a celebration of life, not a mourning of the death. The expression of the great loss of the ones left behind should be expressed elsewhere. This should be an inspirational place for others to come to - illuminating, motivating. It could be humorous, encouraging, uplifting or comforting. The idea is that someone who has not lost a child would want to visit the site, and when they do, that they take something away from it. The legacy should evoke hope in the human spirit rather than deep sadness. It should be an inspiration to others.
    2. What is this child's legacy? It could be an intimate legacy (impacting on mostly immediate family, neighbours and school friends) or a more global one where the child had impacted on their community due to their own actions, or those of their family who were their advocates.
    3. The legacy can be in the form of a poem, a writing, a simple drawing (must be scanned as with the picture, not in excess of 350 pixels wide). Use your imagination. However, the material must be original as we must observe copyright laws. I may require your signature stating that the material is original.
    4. List living legacies in existence such as trust funds, dedicated garden, plaque, etc.
  11. Please check your grammar and spelling.
  12. Send to Annette. I prefer a Microsoft Word document, Word perfect, or an e-mail message.



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